2016 intake cycle: please consult the current documents.

Number of participants: 

Max. 20 participants

Seminar fee: 

Scholarship programme, seminar fee on request

Sino-German Trainee Programme

Management programme for junior professionals in the fields of service, distribution and production in China

The programme

The Chinese market is very important for Germany’s agribusiness and food industry. However, for many German companies investing in China it is difficult to find appropriate staff. The Sino-German Trainee Programme gives German firms the opportunity to get to know suitable (managerial) staff for the Chinese market intensively and to train them in their own company.

The target group

Graduates from Chinese universities and junior professionals for management and leadership positions in agricultural enterprises and agribusiness.


Management programme in English with two blocks

Block 1:

3 seminar weeks – transfer of practice-oriented management know-how, intercultural understanding 

and corporate practice by professional trainers from companies in the agricultural sector.


  • Intercultural understanding:
    Society, law, politics, economics, corporate governance
    Business culture and business behaviour

  • Structure of the agribusiness sector:
    Organizations in the value creation chain
    Markets and flows of goods
    Political framework conditions

  • Profitability of agricultural enterprises – a comparison:
    Quality management
    Ecological aspects
    Personnel management

Block 2: “Training on the Job”

12-week internship in a selected company in Germany. Various agribusiness companies and agricultural enterprises are available.


Opportunities for companies to participate in the Sino-German Trainee Programme

We offer various opportunities for you as a company to participate in the Sino-German Trainee Programme and share your experience with the trainees:

1. Providing an internship position:

Participate as a company by granting interested trainees an insight into your company.

2. Participating in the supporting programme:

During the seminar weeks we invite companies to introduce themselves and discuss 

interesting topical issues with the trainees.

3. Seconding your own staff:

Develop the skills of your staff member by seconding him to the Trainee Programme!

Enable him to improve his management expertise in the Sino-German context and 

gather experience extending beyond the purely technical level!

4. Personal sponsorship or funding:

Support the Trainee Programme financially or a direct individual as sponsor!

Benefits for you:

  • You recruit junior professionals who stand out from the customary group of applicants for your company – for assignments in China or in Germany.
  • You prepare your junior management staff optimally for a career in your company.
  • You promote Sino-German exchanges in your company.
  • You strengthen already existing contacts with China or forge new contacts.